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Helping Artists & Entertainers pursue their dreams with Marketing & Public Relations strategies.

How can I get press attention? Do I need a Publicist? What is Branding? How can I use Social Media to promote my events? What do I need to do to get more people at my shows without being a sell out?

I want to answer all your questions and help take your career to the next level. Let’s work together to develop an awesome plan that will help you Rock Out your Promotions, fulfill your mission, boost sales and kick butt at Branding.

In addition to the resources and tips that I share with you through my blog, I am also a Publicist and Marketing Consultant with almost a decade of working with Artists and Entertainers. (I started in 2006). My menu of services range from branding & publicity coaching to full on Event Publicity, Digital Marketing, and Media Relations services.

Take a look below and choose the best option for you.

Coaching Services
These services help you to DIY your Branding, Publicity and Social Media

Personal and Business Brand Coaching
Are you looking to build your brand and increase awareness? I will work with you to put together a Branding Strategy. Together we will:

  • Discover your niche and target audience
  • Develop a brand message to fit your target audience
  • Define your brand’s image
  • Create a marketing strategy that will place your brand in front of your target audience.

Press and Publicity Coaching

Let’s work together to develop a plan for approaching media for reviews and coverage. Together we will

  • Identify your “angles” and craft your “story”
  • Identify key media and influencers for pitching your story
  • Create media kits and press releases
  • Tips for approaching press.

Contact me for more info at bgashpr [at]

Publicity & Marketing Consultant

I am work with nonprofits, artists, and entertainers to create plans for winning media attention, stimulating event ticket sales, finding event sponsorships, and coordinating advertising and social media strategies. Contact me for more info at bgashpr [at]

A la Carte Services

Press Kit Creation – Let’s work together to put together a full press kit. I’ll write all the content of your press kit including biographies, fact sheets, press release, artists statements, history and mission statements and more.

Media List Development – Do you need a comprehensive list of press contacts. I’ll work with you to put together a full list of media contacts from all relevant media outlets.

Writing Services – I’m happy to do the writing for you. Contact me for a biography, artist statement, fact sheet, website copy, or press release.

Public Speaking – I enjoy speaking with artists, entertainers and creatives about Branding, Publicity, Social Media, and Self Promotion. I also teach workshops and roundtables on the aforementioned topics.

Please contact me at bgashpr [at] for more information and to invite me to speak or teach at your next event.

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