How to Put Together an Awesome Press Kit – with Free Printable Checklist

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The press kit is awesome! It’s one of my favorite tools because it contains all of the most important information about you and your brand. A press kit also makes it really easy for Media to learn more about you. An attractive and comprehensive press kit will truly set you apart as a professional and a leader in your field.

So what exactly is a press kit?
Press kits are pretty much just a package of information about you and your art. Typically this kit is shared with the “press” or media. But can also be used as a tool to attract sales, donations, and sponsorships. It can be either a printed packet of info or you can keep it digital and host it online (making it an EPK or electronic press kit).

The kit usually contains your biography, group/organization background and history, past reviews, factsheets, samples/lists of your works, an artist statements (which is very different from a biography), photos – and if your press kit is digital – videos, and audio samples. You really just want to make sure it’s got all of the most important information plus some fun and interesting facts too. Download the printable Press Kit Checklist for more ideas.

It’s great! I truly love the press kit. Some people spend a lot of money on graphic design and custom print jobs. You don’t have to do that. If you can take some nice photos and good content and lay it out in an organized fashion. Then, put it all into a single pdf file – that will work just fine. Plus, being able to email your press kit keeps things super easy. If you do, however, want to spend the money on a printed press kit, you should remember to use good quality, color, photos, and find a nice folder or presentation binder to hold your materials.

I’ve made a checklist of materials that you can include in your press kit. You definitely do not have to or even need to include all the items on the list. Just make sure that whatever you do choose, it is the best representation of you and your brand. Download the checklist now and get to creating.

Click Here to download the Press Kit Checklist

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