More Than Meets the Eye: The New BGPR

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First things, first. Let’s address the title of this blog post – “More than meets the eye” is in fact a nod to the Transformers (the new movies, not the animated series). I absolutely love action movies. I love car chases, explosions, magic alien robots and the idea of heroes saving the world from impending doom. It’s true that the story itself is not the best (well, they’re pretty bad) but the action is extreme and that’s exactly how I like it. I blame my dad for allowing me to watch these types of movies with him as a kid. I love them!

But on a more serious note – I wanted to point out the fact that we are all more than meets the eye. There is never just one word that can sum up who we are as a person, who we are at work, and who we are as artists. Humans are layered beings and there is more to us than our exterior.

I want to help you find the best ways to show the world your numerous and awesome layers. I have been a Publicist and Marketing Consultant for almost 10 years; working with Artists and Arts Organizations at every level and I have learned that there is a major need for artists to better understand marketing. I’m always asked: “What can I do to get more publicity?” How can I increase my sales and get more butts in seats?”

You aren’t taught marketing in art school. No one tells you the importance of Branding and Publicity.

Artists need to understand how to promote themselves. Self-promotion is the key to career growth and increased income. Let me help you help yourself. I have a number of tips and resources to share with you, that will allow you to build your Art Empire. I want to be more than just the Publicist that does all the work for you while you look on, only half understanding the process. This is how many people are taken advantage of.

Let’s work together to reach your goals, build your fan base, get buyers, sponsors and donors. I want you to be successful. I also want you to understand the process and all possible strategies so that when you hire a publicist or marketing professional, you’ll understand the concepts and the best ways to utilize them.

This is what you can expect from me – resources, information and tips on how to further your career and promote yourself using branding, social media, public relations, and marketing. All of these will be in the form of blog posts, worksheets, resource guides, webinars, and ebooks. Keep a lookout because all of this is coming soon!

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Of course, there is no replacement for a spectacular Publicist or Marketing Agency but for those of you who are not yet ready for this expense, I am here to provide you with some easy and inexpensive ways to get you started.

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