About Me


Hello, I’m Brittany A. Gash and want to first thank you for visiting my website.

I have lots and lots of information and resources and want to share them with YOU. I want to empower all you artists & entertainers out there to take control of your career and actively manage your self promotion.

I’m a Marketing Consultant with 13 years of experience in the Nonprofit, Arts, Entertainment, and Pet Service industries. I have an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a Public Relations emphasis. I have worked with a number of organizations and visual artists, dancers, musicians, actors, filmmakers and writers throughout my almost decade-long career.

My passion for working with artists to entertain and change the world through art is what fuels my unwavering work ethic.

Strategic planning, increasing audience engagement, developing media relationships, streamlining communications, developing solid branding and positioning strategies and embracing a holistic view of PR & Marketing, are key factors in how I approach every project.

There is nothing more awesome than an empowered person with the tools to reach their goals.

Knowledge really is power. And that’s where I come in. I love to learn and I love to teach.

I find joy in sharing info that others can use and then thrive on. Yes, I know. I’m completely selfish.

I’m doing this because I want to and because I want to help make the world a better place by supplying it with an abundance of proactive artists and entertainers, working to change the world through the arts.

This website is a space for you. A resource for getting you to the next level in your career. Here, you will find low cost, and free (yes, FREE) resources, articles, and worksheets that will help you do your own Branding and Publicity.

For more information on my Publicist, Marketing, and Coaching services, please visit the  “Work with Me” page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I hope this becomes a space for you to learn, expand your brand and share your art and mission with the rest of the world.

Let’s be friends. Connect with me online and share your projects and art with me. So I can, in turn, share them with my friends.


– Brittany A. Gash

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